Hey! 👋

I'm Raphaël Beaupied, a Freelance English-French Translator (Gengo) and a former Social Media Consultant (Brandzai). I'm in a process of reinventing my life and myself.

I'm working indirectly with international companies such as Sony, Virgin, Adobe, Microsoft, Eventbrite & more.

I was born in France, have been raised in Martinique, and I'm currently travelling around Asia while doing some volunteering within organic farms and permaculture projects.

Sometimes, I like to launch creative projects such as La pause haïku (a poetry blog) or communities (Caribbean Hub).

These days, I'm working on an iOS app, a podcast, and other ways to develop my creativity ; I'm re-learning Spanish ; I'm memorizing the 2 136 jōyō kanji of the Japanese language (because it's a fun mental exercice) ; I'm interested in / experimenting with / studying philosophy (stoicism), yoga, meditation, go (the strategy board game), arts, 3D design, alternative ways of living and consuming, sustainability, self-sufficiency, permaculture, bioconstruction / natural building, low-tech, bushcraft, social entrepreneurship and volunteering.

This is what I'm reading right now.

Feel free to drop me an email or a DM via Twitter!